Dear all,

After some long discussions and consideration, we have decided to enable Content ID for the Arc North catalog.
The music is still free to use, it's just under a new system and you will still be able to get your videos whitelisted.

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TL;DR: Scroll to the bottom to find the option applicable to your scenario.

The main reason why we enabled Content ID for Arc North, is because, for the past years, content creators have been receiving fraudulent claims on YouTube from 3rd-party companies after using my music in their videos. 
Fraudsters use illegal tactics to steal Arc North's original work and re-upload it as their own works to these 3rd-party companies.

The fraudsters then use these 3rd party companies' automatic systems to claim videos for them, copyright striking channels, or stealing revenue from content creators like you.

For example: If you used 'Arc North - Back To Life' in your YouTube video, you could later receive a claim from 'DJ Krasnodar - Last Mistake', because 'Back To Life' did not originally have Content ID enabled, and fraudsters took advantage of this and re-uploaded Arc North's original work.

The only way for us to prevent this from happening is to enable Content ID for my music.
That way, if you receive a claim from Arc North, you can contact us to get your video whitelisted.

Because YouTube does not have a good copyright management system, we have to resort to enabling Content ID for the time being until a better solution is implemented.


Please watch the following video for additional context to the above:

I already credited Arc North's song in my video. Why am I getting a claim?

Awesome to hear & thanks for following our copyright policy! Unfortunately, YouTube does not allow us to whitelist any videos until they have been claimed first. If you've credited Arc North but still received a claim, please check the spreadsheet at the bottom of this page of whom you need to contact to get whitelisted.


When you now receive a Content ID claim, YouTube holds the money in an escrow account for you, and you need to request whitelisting to keep receiving full revenue for your video. Asking for whitelisting varies depending on who the claim is from.

Scroll to the bottom to find your applicable scenario.

Once your claim is reviewed, it gets released within 1-2 days and you can monetize the video again, and no revenue is lost that’s been made between the claim and the release.

Unfortunately, this system is a bit inconvenient, but YouTube and ourselves have to comply with Copyright law in order to ensure everything goes right and until a better system is implemented. We thank you for your understanding!


Due to complicated reasons around Copyright law for covers, where the copyright belongs to the original songwriters, it is not possible to whitelist you for these releases. For more info, please get in touch with us at

I want to use a specific song of Arc North. Where do I request permission?

We release many different songs with different labels. As such, the process varies from song to song.

Please note that whitelisting is never guaranteed, but we do our best to allow everyone who submits a request.

Please find your applicable scenario below:
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