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BETTER LIFE 6 NO TEXT (deer, orange).png


°AN Sessions Vol.1
Arc North, Reo Cragun

Better life is the opening piece to the °AN Sessions format and is the unique collaboration between rap icon Reo Cragun and Arc North.

Unifying an upbeat instrumental with a heartfelt message about self-realization and personal success.

Its the perfect anthem for when you want to push yourself to the limit.


Hope you like it!

-Arc North


I grew up in the cold north of Sweden, and I always found it to be breathtaking here.


The ocean, cliffs, rivers, and forests, all spreading as far as the eye can see. You can't help but feel connected to the atmosphere around you, much like the atmosphere I try to convey in my music. I'm here to show people that the north can be as exotic as the beaches and palm trees we paint in our minds when hearing that word.

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